The Initiation of Evangelos Marinakis into Business

Food sustainability is one of the things that Evangelos Marinakis has made his number one agenda throughout his career as a businessman. He has the headquarter of his business in Chicago which specializes in the food industry.

The Genesis of His Business

In the early 1900s, his grandfather began a grocery in Chicago. It was the very first grocery, Greenlight, that gave his neighborhood a new name, the grocer street. Today the name is stuck as its genetic identity. The business expanded rapidly attracting the majority of the customers in the neighboring estates.

Later on, Evangelo’s father took over the business and worked smart to give the brand the justice it deserves. However, he was not a very successful businessman.  The company began to suffer bad debts at the poor stock turn over. By that time, Evangelos Marinakis was winding up his schooling at the University of Chicago.

He came in to save the business from the bad reputation it was gaining. To protect the business turnover, Evangelos advised his father to engage in direct farming and get their supplies directly from the farm to cut down the cost of buying the supply.

The short-seasoned produce they engaged in, managed to salvage the business from the claws of bad debts. Evangelos’ father retired from active business after the pressure eased and left Evangelos Marinakis to take care of the company since he had expressed competent leadership.

Evangelos As The New Manager

Being a graduate in business, Marinakis turned the tables in the industry. He sought to have more professional leadership. He fully engaged in the farming production and meat business as a way to diversify the income. By mid-1970s, the once grocery was no longer just a grocery, but a brand name in other cities of America like New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, etc.

In his capacity as the new CEO of the business, Evangelos Marinakis chose to invest more in the food processing industry. He was one of the pioneers who embraced the use of nitrogen liquid to preserve meat. The technology was one of the breakthroughs that changed the face of Greenlight.

The technology was essential in freezing the food in the shortest time possible to preserve food. The move helped to cut cost at Greenlight and made the sustainability of food more advanced. Besides the preservation, the cost of food processing went down significantly.

Collaboration With Partners

The success of Evangelos Marinakis has a relationship with the people he brought on board to work with him. A good example is Peter Briger who is the CEO and president of Fortress Investment Group. Peter is well-known for his finance prowess. He became a board member Greenlight in 2007. His contribution to the company made him a very close alley to Marinakis.

He also worked for hand in hand with more successful business people who rose from grass to grace like David McDonald who is the President of OSI. OSI is one of the leading food processing companies in America. David worked closely with Evangelos, he mentored him, and in most cases, he refers to Marinakis as his son.

To bolster the success of his business, he understands the power of fresh ideas that is why he mixes experience with skills to manage the business. Most of his funding in the initial stages of business stability came to form the friends he had made over time.

Expansion Of Greenlight

The brilliant businessman has seen the development of Greenlight into many other countries. They include Singapore, Russia, Bangladesh, and many other cities in America.

In as much as most of the meat-related business has taken over the Greenlight significant supplies, Evangelos Marinakis has not ceased to venture into the groceries. That is where he has set the memories of his father and grandfather. Every time he talks about Greenlight he gives an in-depth appreciation of the grocery.

Charitable Activities

The charisma Evangelos Marinakis carries is incomparable; he dedicates a massive chunk of his income to the communities around Chicago. Recently, he has constructed basketball courts and stadia for the young generation that is interested in sports. The sports facilities are managed by the Chicago Sports association. It is a sports monitoring committee that he established in 1998.

Besides sports, he has done a lot to ensure that the homeless children get housing. One of the significant contributions that have hit world headlines is the assistance he accorded to the people of California during the Hurricane that hit the town bringing down many real estates.


Evangelos Marinakis’ contribution to the business world, sports, among other charitable activities have been highly recognized by powerful personalities and institutions across the world.

Some of the awards on his table include the Sustainability Award which he received because of his contribution to the food market. The introduction of the Nitrogen-based preservative. Food is an integral part of the society, Marinakis has never ceased to encourage farming. He supports small-scale farmers to increase productivity.

The Punjab University of India acknowledged Evangelos Marinakis for his acts of humanity and awarded him a Global Humanitarian Award. He also holds the World Visionary Award for his business breakthroughs and the immense support he offers to the young people to get more active in the business.

Over time, Evangelos Marinakis’ businesses have been a source of encouragement to the upcoming business people. He has been to many countries boosting business interests. At the same time, he has had the opportunity to speak on many international platforms. Some of the talks he has offered include The International Forum For Entrepreneurs, The Youth For Business Workshop in New York, and The East Africa Business Community Summit.

Other than the food industry, the international businessman has shown interest in other business fields like the media and shipping. Though he has not moved fully into them, it is obvious that he is already making a kill out of them.

The employment roll in Evangelos Marinakis businesses is at the 20,000 mark. This number includes only the direct employees. The indirect employees, who include the middlemen and suppliers, are in thousands as well.

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